EX Series Ethernet Switches EX Series high-performance, highly available Ethernet switches are carrier-class solutions for converged enterprise branch offices, campuses, and data centers, as well as for service provider deployments. EX Series Ethernet switches deliver access, aggregation, and core layer switching services in branch, campus, and data center networks to ensure fast, secure, reliable delivery of data and applications. All EX Series Ethernet Switches address escalating demands for high availability, unified communications, mobility and virtualization within enterprise networks. The EX Series switches increase competitiveness and contribute to business success by delivering operational efficiency, business continuity, and network agility for end-to-end enterprise environments. All EX Series Ethernet Switches run the same Junos operating system as other Juniper switches, routers, and security solutions, ensuring consistent, predictable  behavior across the entire network infrastructure
 QFX Series Switches QFX Series switches are high-performance, low-latency edge devices for top-of-rack or end-of-row installations that can also be deployed as edge nodes in a QFabric System. QFX Series 10GbE/40GbE switches are high-performance, low-latency, 1 and 2 U edge devices that are optimized for virtualized data center environments. The QFX Series switches act as universal building blocks for multiple data center fabric architectures and can be used in seamless Juniper  1/10/40GbE architectures, such as Virtual Chassis, Virtual Chassis Fabric and QFabric deployments, as well as in open architectures such as Spine and Leaf and Layer 3 fabrics. The switches include rich Layer 2 and Layer 3 feature support and standards-based bridging, routing, VMware NSX Layer 2 gateway services, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and FCoE-to-Fibre Channel (FCoE-FC) gateway capabilities. QFX Series switches run the same Junos operating system that powers all Juniper switching,routing, and security devices, ensuring consistent, predictable behavior across the entire network infrastructure, and can also be managed with Junos Space applications such as Network Director
QFabric System The QFabric System delivers the industry’s most scalable, high-performance fabric switching solution that accelerates performance and simplifies the data center architecture with any-to-any connectivity
The QFabric System is composed of multiple components working together as a single switch to provide high-performance, any-to-any connectivity and management simplicity in the data center. The QFabric System flattens the entire data center network to a single tier where all access points are equal, eliminating the effects of network locality and making it the ideal network foundation for cloud-ready, virtualized data centers. QFabric is a highly scalable system that improves application performance with low latency and converged services in a non-blocking, lossless architecture  that supports Layer 2, Layer 3, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet capabilities.
 Wireless LAN Wireless controllers, access points, and management tools deliver wireless access solutions for WAN and LAN environments in enterprises of all sizes and types, from small retail locations to large campuses.